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2014 Festival

What is the Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival?

The Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival is a free family & community oriented event, held in mid-spring where quirky scarecrows spring to life ☀ as do the plants and lambs signalling an end to Deepwater’s dormant frosty wintery months.

Festival goers can experience not only the scarecrow creations, but also fine wool fleece, wool spinning demonstrations and local history since 1839 on display during the festival.

The main venue is at the Oval where visitors will be thoroughly entertained with Shearing demonstrations, Woolly Games for all the family, live Sheep on display, music, dancing, face painting, It's off To Market, To Market, To Deepwater, Festival Markets to find a bargain.

IS that it? no there's MUCH MORE! see below

So Join in the fun and experience the atmosphere of our FRIENDLY VILLAGE 

Above:- Scarecrows Jo, Tricia & Julie (with Chickadee the chook) from the Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival in neighbouring Tenterfield for their Wintersong Carnival Parade Sat 21 June 2014.
For more photos check out our Pre-Festival Events 2014 page or click here


The 5th annual Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival will be held on Friday 31st October from 5pm to 10pm)
and Saturday 1st (9am to 5pm) November 2014
at the Deepwater Oval
followed by the Deepwater Scarecrow Fancy Dress Ball
featuring Little Phoenix from 7pm at the Deepwater School of Arts Hall

🐑 Q: Why was the sheep arrested on the freeway? 🐑

🐑 A: Because she did a ewe-turn! 🐑

Festival events are being continually added to the list of fun things to see and do ❗
                                            FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY 🎎 👫 👫

Check our website regularly for updates 👀 when events are confirmed they will be listed here -

🌟 Here's a taste of what events & entertainment will be at the 2014 Festival 🌟

👒 Scarecrow Alley at the Oval - all Scarecrow creations submitted by the local community for judging will now be on display at the Oval during the festival 👒

🎧 Deepwater's own Community Radio 2CBD Cool FM will broadcast live from the Deepwater Oval throughout the festival with interviews and giveaways 🎧

🐑 Wool Show - local fleece will be showcased after judging at the Tennis Clubhouse (lower section of Deepwater Oval) 🐑 Come and get 'Fleeced' 😃

👻 Local History on Display 👻

🐎 Jody & The Animals Friday night & Saturday performances by Jody our famous animal trainer from Deepwater 🐎

🎉 Saddlers Circus youth performance troupe from Tenterfield Wintersong 🎉

💄Face Painting from Tenterfield Wintersong 💄

💃Dancing Display by Deepwater's own DJ's Dance Academy 💃

🐑 Wool Spinning Demos at the Tennis Clubhouse by Tenterfields Rosemary Boyle from Telpea Craft (Rosemary has kindly given her time & talents to our previous festivals) 🐑

🐑 Sheep hearing Demonstrations near the Tennis Clubhouse where shearers from Deepwater, Tenterfield & Wellington-Vale will demonstrate their skills
🐑 Our local shearers are in a class of their own 🐑

🐴Gatton Heavy Horse Ploughing event featuring the magnificent Heavy Horses from Gatton QLD on Saturday 1 Nov. 🐴

🐑 Woolly Games for the whole family Wool Bale Rolling, 🐑 Aussie Thong Throwing 👢 and the NEW Baby Buggy Races 👶 for the adults 👴 👵 plus the ever popular Treasures in the Sand 💍 & Pen the toy Sheep 🐑 & Dog 🐶 for the little ones 👫 🐑

🐳 💦 Dunkin Bucket Fun - spill bucket fun - a reverse dunk tank made locally by Trethewey Industries - CHECK back here for updates on WHO WILL BE THE DUNKIN' VICTIMS? 👮 ☔

🎤 🎶 Live Musical Entertainment on stage including the talented Christine Davis from Stannum, Lexie Kemp from Torrington, The Blue Violets from Warwick QLD; The Tenterfield Country Music Association from Tenterfield 🎶 - SEE BELOW FOR PHOTOS

💲 Scarecrow Markets find a bargain or two at our Twilight Markets on Friday from 5pm & our Daylight Saturday Markets from 9am 💲💲

🚒 S.E.S. (State Emergency Service) Deepwater Rescue truck & Display 🚒

💧 Bubble Woman from Brisbane - Bubble Woman zips around, surrounded by a cloud of thousands of cascading bubbles emanating from her mini bubble factory on wheels, Bubble Woman is a delight for young and old and is the wife of the famous Bubble Man 💧 SEE BELOW FOR PHOTOS

PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE including 🍦FOOD, Glorious FOOD ❗ 🍴

Following the Festival

🎤 🎶 Little Phoenix our very own famous female singer from Torrington will host the Deepwater Scarecrow Fancy Dress Ball 🎩 👑 from 7pm at the Deepwater School of Arts Hall on Tenterfield Street, Deepwater. 🎶 Presentations for Scarecrows & Wool etc by our special guest during the ball 🏆 -
Tickets: $20 per adult 16yrs & over includes food - Drinks for sale. 7pm-12mn
then it's time to 💤 before everyone turns into pumpkins

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Sheep it a date!

🐑 Are EWE ready to join the flock?🐑

🐑 Enter your fleece in the all NEW "DEEPWATER WOOL SHOW" at the 2014 Deepwater Scarecrow and Wool Festival 🐑

It's "EWE"nique to Deepwater!


No 'knit-picking' allowed

💧 Bubbles In The Air, Everywhere I Look Around 💧

💧 This year the famous Bubble Man will be sending his dear wife 💧
💧 "Bubble Woman" 💧
to rove through the Deepwater Oval on stilts

More than Mime's 'giant hearted' cloud woman will be followed
by a cloud of never ending bubbles (15,000 every minute!)
and a stream of ecstatic children

& no doubt a few scarecrows to boot!

SHOW TIMES - 10.00am to 10.30am - 11.30am to 12 noon - 1pm to 1.30pm
Saturday 1st Nov 2014
Above = Bubble Man
Right = Bubble Woman recently at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast
Check out their website here

performing live at the Deepwater Oval

Friday 31st October 2014 from 5pm-7pm
 Come along to the opening of the
Deepwater Scarecrow and Wool Festival
with Warwick/Stanthorpe's own singers


🌷Sweet Violets🌷
🌷Sweeter than the roses.🌷

🐑 We only have eyes for ewe!!! 🐑

Little Phoenix appearing live at the all NEW Deepwater Festival Fancy Dress Ball at the Deepwater School of Arts Hall from 7pm-12mn, Saturday 1 Nov

 Ball Tickets are available - book now - contact us

The 2014 Deepwater Festival Fancy Dress Ball (a not for profit  event)
It's time to get giggling, dress up and have a ball! 🏈⚽🏀⚾🎾🎱
If you need some outrageous fun, 😤😍😜😃😄 are 16 years or over, then get to the Deepwater Festival Fancy Dress Ball, Saturday 1st November, at the School of Arts Hall. Doors open from 6pm, entertainment starts 7pm.🚲 🚗 ⛵ ✈ 🚃
Early-bird tickets only 💲20 (you'll pay more at the door!) and includes supper and entertainment by Little Phoenix 🎤 with Special Guests. Plus prizes, presentations and much more! 🎉🎈
Bar, BBQ and Kiosk also available. 🍔 ☕
For more info call Treasures on Young, Deepwater 6734 5213 💦
💲This event is proud to raise funds for the following Deepwater Community Groups: The 2014 Scarecrow & Wool Festival, 🐑The Deepwater School of Arts Trust, 🔔 the Tennis Club 🎾 and the Golf Club.⚾

Wool ewe come to the festival?

Local Singer
Lexie Kemp from Torrington will perform at the festival during the Twilight Markets from 8pm-10pm

(after The Blue Violets performance)

Photo above kindly supplied by LMT Photographics
Thank you Lou

Local Singer

Christine Davis from Stannum will perform on stage for 2 shows at the Festival in the Deepwater Oval

Saturday 1 November.

Show Times -
12 noon - 1pm
& 4pm-5pm

🎵 Country Music ~ A 'Shear' Delight 🎵

Photo kindly supplied by LMT Photographics
Thank you Lou

The Tenterfield Country Music Association

(previously Steinbrook County Music Assoc.)

will perform at the Deepwater Oval  Saturday 1 Nov
Show times -
10am-11am & 1pm-2pm

🐎  Heavy Horses In Action 🐎
Come and see the Heavy Horses that built our nation and relive history through the  
 Gatton Heavy Horse Ploughing demonstrations
🐎 Saturday 1 Nov at the Deepwater Oval 🐎

Local Entertainer

Jody & The Animals
from Deepwater

"Comedy Cowboy Capers"

with live shows
Friday 31 October at 7:30pm then at
 2pm on
1 November

at the
Deepwater Oval

Photo above kindly supplied by LMT Photographics Thank you Lou

Organising a festival is done with 'shear' determination

Warwick and Southern Downs Weekly
Wednesday 6 August 2014


👧 Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and 'kneads' to find him 🐑
She has been 3 days standing in the paddock near the bakery here in Deepwater waiting for Larry (the sheep) 🐑 to 'rise' to the occasion, 'prove' himself and return, it's the 'yeast' he could do. 🍞  👧Bo Peep has 'proven' to be a real 'bread'winner 🍞 with tourists who stop to take her photo 📷

⚠ Unfortunately some 'loafer' is 'cooking' up trouble and making a 'pesto' of herself❗ 🍞 and turned up the 'heat' - giving the Deepwater Scarecrow and Wool Festival a 'pizza' her mind, threatening that we take Bo Peep away or she will❗❗ ⚠
Really It's much a-'dough' about 'muffin' ❗❗❗ 🍞

The 'half-baked' Scarecrows send this message to her, "'DONUT'❗ under any circumstances 🍞 'roll' Bo Peep away 🍞 because we will 'knead' to call the the cops 👮 and when they catch you 🐑 EWE will be "toast" and will be taken into 'custard'y" & made to eat humble 'pie' 🚓

Glen Innes Examiner
Tuesday 18 August 2014

While conspiracy rattled Deepwater during last year’s Scarecrow and Wool Festival following the mysterious disappearance and alleged kidnapping of overstuffed local authority Constable Scarecrow, festival coordinator Julie Watt said the mystery has not hindered the 2014 festival promising to top last year.

While Mrs Watt said she was disappointed to report that Constable Scarecrow’s disappearance remains largely unsolved, she will be coordinating a crack team of scarecrows for the coming festival on the lookout for any attempt at renewed foul play.

As the popular regional event draws near, festival committee members are putting the final touches on a jam-packed schedule showcasing a full contingent of singers and live entertainment acts anticipating a non-stop entertainment experience throughout the festival. 

With all new acts coming to this year’s festival Mrs Watt said the festival has been growing consistently over previous years, drawing attendees from across the region and the state.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger,” she said.

With attractions highlighting the best in local and regional industry and produce, Deepwater is gearing up for the festive season set to fall on Halloween. The inaugural Festival Ball at the Deepwater School of Arts will be a highlight of the event, which runs  from Friday evening, October 31 from 5-10pm and all day Saturday, November 1, at the Deepwater Oval.

Little Bo Peep is at the centre of a 'crummy' complaint & all she wants to know is Where's Larry ?

The proof is in the 'pudding' 🍧there is always someone who knows how to put a negative spin on things because a pessimist's blood type is always B-negative ❗❗
There is certainly 'mushroom' for im'prove'ment needed in Deepwater and us Scarecrows say "stop being a 'pressure cooker' and a 'donut' because we are tired of the 'hole' thing" ⭕ ❗❗❗

🐑 I'm not at all 'sheepish' about my 'baa'd puns 🐑

The person who complained about Bo Peep & Larry the Sheep is the same one who complained about Constable Scarecrow that led to his theft just before the 2013 Festival.  see further below for story - Immediately we could see 'history repeating itself'! We simply do not want the same thing to happen to Bo Peep. So I decided to get in first and let everyone know immediately that we don't want another Scarecrow to be stolen. My hope is that people will FLOCK to the Festival despite one person being a Dorcas 🐑

It doesn't matter who's wrong or right 🐑

🐑 Just Bleat it 🐑

Tenterfield Star
Wednesday 10 September 2014

If you like what you see then why not come to Deepwater NSW the first weekend in November?

For further information and market stall bookings please email us (click here)

Please see below
for highlights of previous festivals
and do check out our other pages too.

Where in Australia is Deepwater ?

Deepwater NSW
Deepwater is a beautiful country village of approx 350 people situated on the New England Highway in the New England Region of NSW on the Northern Tablelands;
It is south of  Tenterfield and north of Glen Innes
and east of Emmaville, Tent Hill, Stannum & Torrington

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Our Stolen Scarecrow from 2013 Festival
onstable Scarecrow of the Scarecrow Constabulary has NEVER been returned to the Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival!!

Report Updated June 2014

Above - Our poster with details of the theft & Below - Someone suggested the Emmaville Panther took the Scarecrow - but he says otherwise

Loading wool bales at Deepwater early 1900's

Photo left, available at State Library of NSW
Digital Order no. bcp_02527

Wool & History Displays will be featured at the festival in the Tennis Clubs rooms at the Deepwater Oval on Saturday 1st November
Check out our local history on our history tab
and sheep info on our 'Ä little bit Sheepish' tab

Q.what did the sheep say to the farmer?

A. bahahahhahah