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Woolly Tails Tales
from Deepwater

I love Sheep!!!

"I Get a Kick Out of Ewe"!

No seriously

'Ewe' are safe to fish in Deepwater

Above: Shearing Demonstration at the 2012 Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival by local Peter Stewart

Left: Our sheep farmer wants a wife - all he asks is that you love his sheep - not much to ask

Let Sheeping Dogs Lie

Australian wool

from State Library of NSW website Discover Collections section on Wool

For many years, wool was the most important product to the Australian economy. The wool industry dates from 1797, when John Macarthur and Reverend Samuel Marsden imported Spanish merino sheep to attempt to start a wool industry. Up until then, the only sheep in the colony were the fat-tailed sheep which the First Fleet brought with it from the Cape of Good Hope. These were used primarily for meat, rather than wool.

It took almost a quarter of a century for Macarthur’s breeding program to produce enough wool to auction. In 1821, the first Australian wool was sold at Garraway’s Coffee House in London.  Before 1840, Australia was producing more than two million kilos of wool each year. The success of the wool industry made many squatters and pastoralists immensely wealthy and by the 1880s the wool business was booming.

"The staple of our Australian colonies, but more particularly of New South Wales, the climate and the soil of which are peculiarly suited to its production, - is fine wool"
- Charles Sturt (Early Explorer)
If I'm Sittin'...I'm Knittin'!

Fleece on Earth, Good WOOL to EWE!.

Rosemary Boyle from Tenterfield kindly demonstrated wool spinning at the 2012 & 2013 festivals!
Rosemary Boyle and her textile works from Telopea Craft, Tenterfield
Title of image above - Three women spinning wool to knit socks for soldiers during World War 1, Tenterfield NSW

Lt to Rt:- Mrs Marson, Miss Nelly Kelly, Mrs Eileen Pettett
[Tenterfield is 55km north of Deepwater]
Image available from State Library NSW - Digital Order No:- bcp_06822

We like to thank the State Library of NSW for their kind permission to print images like the one above for use in our Wool & History Displays, on both weekends of the Festival.

2012 (was)
Australian Year of the Farmer
BUT every year should be!!!

Our Farmers. Our Future!!!!!
Above: Scarecrows in Deepwater came in support of our Aussie farmers!

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you're a thousand kilometers from the paddock.
based on quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower

How can you be involved in the
Australian Year of the Farmer?

- every year!!

We at the Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival love and support our farmers and suggest you create a Scarecrow farmer and/or his sheep etc for the Festival or come to Deepwater and visit the Festival and check out our local farming area.

Video Lessons about SHEEP 

Above video - History of Australian Wool - All About Animals TV Show
Above Video - Breeding Merinos - All About Animals TV Show
Above Video - Shearing Sheep - All About Animals TV Show