Deepwater Scarecrow

Wool Festival 

Fun for all the Family

The Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival is in it's 7th year originally known as Deepwater Scarecrow Festival has in the past 5 years incorporated wool in it's festivities.
Wool has been an integral part of the heritage and history of the Deepwater area and it is for this reason that we honour the hard work our forebears/ancestors put into breathing life into our little village so we are able to enjoy it today.

The festival has basically been run by a small group of scarecrow friends over the past 7 years.  Past & present members:-
Scarecrow Sisters - Lesley, Julie, Tricia, Sharyn, Jo, Maria, Jodi, Cheryl, Rita, Wendy, Linda, Michelle, Jan, Cate, Lexie, Cheryl, Julie J & Ellen
Scarecrow Mates -
VW John, Autobaler Reg, Farmer Rick, Pete, Ted, Brock & Dave.

We have started off small and hope the festival will grow and our Villagers will become known throughout all of Aussieland for being the most creative Scarecrow breeders around!

The Scarecrows of Oz!

Eat your heart out Dorothy!!
(aka The Wizard of Oz)

Scarecrow organisers, slaves, workhorses, volunteers, toilers, plodders, assistants, helpers and general dogs bodies
then & now!