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Fun for all the Family

Welcome to the


Scarecrow & Wool Festival

"Dubbin in Deepwater"

VW page


Dubbin in Deepwater has

been CANCELLED for the

2014 Festival

This is primarily due to the

lack of support from our

VW drivers who did not

turn up at our last festival

although they all

promised to attend!

As a result the event

turned out to be

a big flop and a huge

disappointment for those

hardworking volunteers

& of course our visitors

some of whom travelled

distances especially for

the advertised event.

Unfortunately some

disappointed visitors took

it upon themselves to

abuse our volunteers!

It was a sad turn of


2012 Festival Highlights

VW owners travelled to the village to attend the 'Dubbin in Deepwater' VW show and shine and swap meet to the delight of herbie fans. The winner VW's lined up with host John Watt's beloved green bug display. Congratulations to our winners of the people's choice awards.

Thank you all for attending and bringing your pride and joy to Deepwater - come back in 2013!

"Dubbin in Deepwater"

The 2012 People’s Choice Favourite Volkswagen Awards

Laurie and Gwen Murray from Club VW Sydney took home first place while Dave and Pam Mason and John and Judie Rosberg all from Inverell received second and third.

Winners were presented with a trophy by Eyvonne Rizzo a veteran competitor of many 1960s car rallies including the 1964 Round Australia Ampol Trial in her own VW Beetle.


Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival Dubbin in Deepwater VW People's

Choice Award winners

Standing from left, -

John & Judi Rosberg, Gwen & Laurie Murray, Event organiser

John Watt & his VW,

Dave Mason.

Kneeling from left -

Eyvonne Rizzo,

Pam Mason

Amazing photos showing the Inside of the Volkswagen Manufacturing Plant in Wolfsburg Germany -

The top photo taken in 1951

Photo below shows what it is like today



"people's car."


VW History

Did you know that Volkswagens sold here in Australia from 1954 to 1976 were not made in Germany?

To find out where they were made check out the article by Phil Matthews from Club Vee Dub Sydney Inc. website here

Founded in 1985 Club VeeDub is Australia's largest VW/Audi club with a nation-wide membership. Club Veedub caters for all Volkswagen community members - both the classic aircooled and the modern and neo-classic watercooled VW's. If you own a Beetle, a Golf, a Passat, a Kombi or even an Audi, Seat or Skoda, we welcome you to explore and perhaps even join the Club and support it's many activities and events.

Got a shed full of VW stuff EWE don't want anymore?

Why not sell it at the Dubbin in Deepwater VW Show N Shine & Swap Meet at the the Deepwater Scarecrow & Wool Festival. !

To set up a stall go to our festival documents page and download an application form to register for this years festival markets - or click here

John's VW links

The origins of Volkswagen date back to 1930s Nazi Germany, and the project to build the car that would become known as the Beetle. Hitler's desire that almost anybody should be able to afford a car coincided with a proposal by car designer Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1952)

The birth of the VW Type II (Type I being the Beetle) arose after World War II when the British found themselves running the VW factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. Ben Pon, a Dutch VW importer, saw the motorised trolleys built using stripped down Beetle chassis and running gear taking parts around the vast factory in 1947. He sketched a design for a beetle-based van, which looked rather like a box on wheels, after he was inspired by these rudimentary but ingenious vehicles. Heinz Nordhoff took on this idea a year later when he took over as chief executive of Volkswagen and the first VW van was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in November 1949.

More history available here

Photos above below were taken by Pete Pearson (aka Stig or Stigandr) who attended the 2011 festival VW show & shine

Photos below from Tratty Manx Club Member