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Traditionally a scarecrow is a human shaped figure that is dressed up and stands in a field to scare birds away from feeding on crops and grains.

The first scarecrows in recorded history were situated along the River Nile to protect wheat fields from flocks of quail.
The Greeks carved scarecrows out of wood to look like Priapus the son of the god Dionysus and the goddess Aphrodites
The Japanese used wooden scarecrows to protect rice paddies
Scarecrows are also known as
  • Jacks-of-straw
  • Scarebirds
  • Tattybogles
  • & Shoy-hoys

Make your own Scarecrow costume


An umbrella for a scarecrow

Was in a cornfield placed,  

And with loud caws the sly old crows

Around it gravely paced ;

When suddenly a shower fell,

And under it they went,

And stayed until the rain had ceased,

As in a little tent.  

Then said they, as they all trooped out

"That man's a jolly feller ;  

Not only plants the corn for us, But lends us his umbrella !" 

Printed in the Australian Town and Country Journal - NSW 

Saturday 13 Nov 1886

Scarecrow working bee 2011

Video above - Phil from Glen Innes/Deepwater Library
setting up the "Librarian Scarecrow" at Deepwater NSW

for the Scarecrow & wool festival held 3 - 11 November 2012